Radio Ministry

Radio Ministry

After 25 years on the air and over 1,300 programs, our radio ministry concludes.

Ralph Solberg
Ralph Solberg in his studio in this image from a 2013 article in the Everett Herald (photo by Annie Mulligan for The Herald)

The Everett First Presbyterian Radio Ministry, which began on Sunday morning, April 1, 1990, concluded with the airing of the final program on Sunday morning, April 12, 2015 on KRKO AM 1380.

The radio ministry was produced by Ralph Solberg, a long-time member of Everett First Presbyterian Church. Ralph recently shared his thoughts on the program and his retirement: "We aired our first program on April 1st, 1990. Since then, I have felt truly blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to utilize my knowledge in broadcasting to produce a radio program to be aired every Sunday morning since. Now I feel the time has come for me to retire as the volunteer producer of radio ministry here at our beloved church."

Ralph added, "I personally want to extend my sincere appreciation to all members past and present for your wonderful support of this ministry for 25 years. A lot has happened in our church during that time and we have shared it all with thousands of people in the wider community from Seattle to the Canadian border and beyond through our Sunday morning radio broadcasts."

For the past quarter century, these programs were paid for and presented as a gift to you with joy and love from the members of the First Presbyterian Church of Everett, who now invite you to join us every Sunday morning at 10 am for worship and fellowship at the corner of Rockefeller and Wall.

A look back at the history of our radio ministry.

Click the play arrow on the player below (Flash is required) to hear a 7-minute history of the Everett First Presbyterian Radio Ministry including sounds from the final program.


Read about our radio ministry in the Everett Herald

Ralph Solberg, the host and producer of our weekly radio program, is featured in this Everett Herald article by staff writer Julie Muhlstein, published January 19th, 2013. Ralph originated this program as our Radio Ministry and had been producing it for nearly 23 years and 1,200 broadcasts when this article was written.
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