Administration Committee

Everett First Presbyterian Church along with its affiliation with the Presbyterian Church (USA) is operated as a Washington corporation...

...This requires us as a congregation to operate under specific guidelines. In doing so most of the business operation of the church are overseen by this commission. Committees such as Personnel, Finance, Communications, Legal and Facilities are part of this so it requires interaction with many members and functions of the church.

In order to make sure that all of the financial interests of the church are covered a strong Treasurer is essential in accounting for all monies coming and going. This volunteer position works closely with the Session to help inform and direct financial decisions.

In Personnel the committee plays an essential role for the church in establishing guidelines and policies for dealing with the staff of church employees.

Under Legal the essentials of insurance, compliance to government regulations, and corporate requirements are addressed. This also requires diligent attention in order to protect the church’s interest.

Facilities is another area of the church life where our volunteer efforts blend with our financial capabilities to insure that our beautiful building is maintained.

The work of the church requires many different talents. The individuals who volunteer with this Commission are doing their part in God’s work at Everett First Presbyterian Church.