Christian Formation and Discipleship





Christian Formation and Discipleship (CFD) is a ministry of the First Presbyterian Church of Everett. The purpose of CFD is to encourage and facilitate our congregation’s transformation into the image of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit, so that we may be liberated to testify in words and deeds to the Mission and Reign of God in the world. I am in agony until Christ is formed in you (Apostle Paul: Gal. 4:9)


We have developed three sets of strategic principles of Christian Formation through which we seek God’s power to establish, sustain, and renew our faithful identity as God’s people:

Evangelical Principles

CHURCH PRINCIPLE: We don’t go to church; we are the church!


MISSION PRINCIPLE: We don’t have a mission program; we are a people in mission! (i.e. We don’t exist for ourselves but for the world God loves!)

Embodiment Principles

STORY PRINCIPLE: We order our life together according to God’s Story (Church year and Lectionary)!


SPECIAL EVENTS PRINCIPLE: We celebrate our unique identity together in seven annual inter-generational events (Advent Event→Christmas, Ash Wednesday→Lent, Holy Week, Pentecost Event, Vacation Bible School, All Church Retreat, Mission-Tide Series)!


CORE PRACTICES PRINCIPLE: Congregational life consists of six interdependent core practices (worship, listening, learning, fellowship, service and advocacy) that together express our collective redeemed humanity!


Empowerment Principles

REFORMED PRINCIPLE: We are a work in progress (the church reformed and always being reformed by the Word of God), called to life-long repentance!


HOLY SPIRIT PRINCIPLE: We seek empowerment by the Holy Spirit, learning to trust the “logic of the Spirit” (affirmation, crucifixion, transformation) in all we think, feel, and do!



Fall Programs - 2019


The FPCE Race and Social Justice Book Group will begin meeting on Tuesday, October 22nd, at 7pm in Calvin Lounge. The group will begin the fall looking at scripture and setting a reading list. The suggested reading for the fall start is Wanted: A Spiritual Pursuit Through Jail, Among Outlaws, and Across Borders by Chris Hoke or Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption by Bryan Stevenson. Both books can be purchased on Amazon and our library has copies.


 Mark your calendars now, for the 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off, happening on Sunday, November 17th during coffee hour. The chili cook off is always a fantastic opportunity to tantalize your taste buds and fellowship with fellow members and friends. Plus, if you enter your pot of chili in the cook off, you could take home the coveted championship trophy. This year's event will include a baked goods silent auction. Proceeds from the cookoff and silent auction will support youth activities sponsored by Christian Formation and Discipleship (CFD).


We hope you'll take advantage these amazing opportunities being offered at FPCE this fall. Your participation will be a blessing indeed.







Adult Sunday School is underway with Steve Hammond teaching: The History of the Bible: The Making of the New Testament Canon!  


Class Description: The New Testament is the most influential book for western civilization and, for Christians, the most important book in their lives. Yet, how much do we know about where this book came from? This course tells us when the books of the New Testament were written, and for what purpose. It tells what we know, and what we don’t know, about the authors. It tells us how the books that make up the New Testament were selected from the many and strikingly diverse books written by early Christian authors. Knowing the history of the making of the New Testament helps to understand parts of the New Testament that can otherwise be confusing. It helps to understand how the Christian message developed out of a huge variety of beliefs about Christianity in the first few centuries of the church. It can help you better understand your faith and strengthen it.  


We hope you'll join us this fall for an engaging look at the New Testament. Join us Sunday mornings at 11:20am in Calvin Lounge.



Confirmation at FPCE, is a class designed for youth (6th – 12th grade), college students and young adults who are considering membership in the church. The biblical concept of covenant loyalty is introduced in relation to the practice of Confirmation. Because God has been loyal/faithful to us, we are called to be loyal/faithful to God. Confirmation calls us to make specific promises to God, ourselves, and the church.

Pastor Alan is leading a Confirmation class this fall, using the Big God Big Questions Confirmation for a Growing Faith curriculum. The class will focus on learning the core principles of our faith. Over the course of our confirmation class, we will study our relationship with God and with each other. We will be guided by the questions of membership from the Book of Common Worship, the Apostle’s Creed, the Lord’s Prayer, Reformed tradition, group and mentor work and scripture study.

Confirmation class meets on the first and third Sundays. For more information, please see Pastor Alan.

Class Schedule:
Sunday October 20th – 11:15am in library

Theme – What is confirmation?  Plus getting to know our mentors. 

Sunday November 3 – 11:15am in library

Theme - How do we know and trust God? 

Sunday November 17th – 11:05 in Calvin Lounge

Theme – What is sin and how do we turn from it? 

Sunday December 1st – 11:15am in library

Theme – Who is your lord?  Who is your savior? 

Sunday December 15th – 11:15am in library

Theme – What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? 

Sunday January 12th – 11:15am in library

Theme – What does it mean to show Christ’s love? 

Sunday January 26th – 11:15am in Calvin Lounge

Theme – All Church meeting followed by what is the church? 

Sunday February 9th – 11:15am (Room TBD)

Theme – What does it mean to be Presbyterian? 

Wednesday February 26th – Ash Wednesday; 5:30pm in Calvin Lounge

Theme – Will you devote yourself to the breaking of the bread? 

Sunday March 1st – 11:15am (Room TBD)

Theme – Will you devote yourself to the prayers? 

Sunday March 15th – 11:15am (Room TBD)

Theme – Are you ready? 

Thursday April 9th – Maundy Thursday; 5:30pm Calvin Lounge

Tuesday April 14th – Session Meeting; 6pm Calvin Lounge

Sunday April 19th – 10am for Worship