Session Members:

Class of 2016 – Marne Larson, Katherine Campbell, Greg Faith

Class of 2017 – Mike Goza, Peggy Ulvestad, Joan Lyderson

Class of 2018 – Marsha  Lueth, Dottie Villesvik, David Baer-Peckham

Moderator – Alan Dorway

Treasurer – Bill Grosse

Clerk of Session – Leslie Sutin

Deacon Representative – Matthew Minor

Ruling Elders:

Class of 2017              Class of 2018                          Class of 2019

Mike Goza                  Dottie Villesvik                       Todd Morrow

Peggy Ulvestad           David Baer-Peckham              Teresa Good

Joan Lyderson             Marsha Lueth                          Bill Grosse


Class of 2017              Class of 2018              Class of 2019

Howard Garner           Ken Bosman               Sam Capetillo

Rosemary Cassidy      Donna Bosman           Rose Capetillo

Committee Assignments (Approval Pending):

CFD – Teresa and Peggy

Worship – Peggy and Marsha

Mission – Dottie (chair); David

Personnel – Mike (chair); Todd

Facilities – David (chair); Bill, Joan

Nominating – Dottie and Mike