Facilities Committee

Facilities Committee meets on the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00pm in Calvin Lounge.

Work Parties Held on the 3rd Saturday of the Month

This committee, formerly known as the Properties Committee, has the responsibility to care for and administer the use of church buildings and grounds. Like the other committees, Facilities is a committee of session, and falls under the purview of the Administration Commission. Specific responsibilities are:

1) Keeping the building and systems in good repair and the landscaping attractive.

2) Providing for cleaning the building and grounds by custodian and volunteers.

3) Managing the use of space, storage, and borrowing of church equipment.

4) Maintaining effective practices to assure building security.

5) Maintaining needed inventories and records of equipment and supplies.

Membership is not restricted, nor is the duration of membership. Rather, the committee seeks willing persons with experience appropriate to the responsibilities of the committee (or are eager to learn) and who possess an interest in organizing maintenance projects and/or are adept at fixing things that wear out. The committee meets when needed, at least quarterly, and also enjoys fellowship and calories along the way. Be sure to mention your preference in doughnuts when you call to sign up!