Room Requests/Event Space


Host your next event or meeting here at First Presbyterian Church of Everett.

If you are planning a wedding, please click HERE to visit our

Weddings page for reservation information.

FPCE offers a varirty of rental space options to suit your event or meeting needs. Available rental space includes:

Sanctuary, including Choir Loft

(Capacity: 350+ in pews, 30 in choir loft chairs)


(Capacity: 60 in rigid and folding chairs)

Westminster Hall

(Capacity: 120 in chairs with no tables, 80 round tables)

Westminster Kitchen

(Residential Size)

Library/Meeting Room

(Capacity: 20 with large central table)

Calvin Lounge

(Capacity: 60 in upholstered and folding chairs)

Calvin Kitchen

(Pullman Size)

Stocker Hall

(Capacity: 150 Seated at tables)

Stocker Kitchen

(Production size)

Renting space at First Presbyterian Church Of Everett (FPCE):

Check Calendar and Complete Electronic Request Form

First, check our master calendar to see if the date, time and room needed are available. Next, download the rental packet to view our facility use policy, then complete and submit an electronic room request form.

To access the online form, click the "ONLINE FORM" button below.

*DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR WEDDING RESERVATIONS - Please visit our WEDDINGS page for reservation information.*

Approval Process

Once you submit your electronic room request form, our Facilities Committee will review your request for approval.


PLEASE BE ADVISED: Room requests are typically approved by the facilities committee, which meets once a month, on the first Monday of the month. Room requests submitted after the first Monday, may not be approved until the following month.

Plan Your Event/Meeting

Once approved, you will receive a reply to your submitted electronic room request form with approval details including deposit and room fee information. Deposits and room fees will only be accepted once your event has been approved. Once approved, the date of your event/meeting will be added to our calendar and you can begin planning. 


Note Regarding Deposits and Room Fee Payments: 


Deposits and room fees will only be accepted once your event has been approved. Payments can be delivered to our church office.


When submitting a deposit or a final payment for an approved room reservation, please do the following:


FOR CHECK PAYMENTS: Note the type of payment (deposit or final), event name and event date in the memo section of your check. Please place your check in an envelope labeled with type of payment (deposit or final), event name, event date, payment amount, check number, your name, phone number and e-mail address.


FOR CASH PAYMENTS: If you are making a cash payment, please submit your payment in an envelope labeled with type of payment (deposit or final), event name, event date, payment amount, your name, phone number and e-mail address.




Westminster Hall


Calvin Lounge

Stocker Hall

OUR SPACE  Serves:

Many local organizations have chosen FPC Everett as the premier space to host their events and meetings including:

Everett Cooperative



Everett Cooperative Preschool holds classes here  FPCE. For more information, visit



Snohomish County Music Teachers Association


S.C.M.T.A. holds regular meetings, lessons and recitals here at FPCE.

National Alliance on Mental Illness


FPC Everett is the home of NAMI Snohomish County's monthly support group meetings.


Facility Overview

  • Space to Suit Your Needs​

We have nine rooms available for rental: Sanctuary including Choir Loft, Chapel, Stocker Hall, Stocker Kitchen, Westminster Hall, Westminster Kitchen, Library, Calvin Lounge and Calvin Kitchen.

  • Custodial Services

We offer basic custodial service with your rental between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

  • A/V Services Available

Audio visual equipment and facilitator available.

  • Music at Everett FPC

Space at  FPC Everett is ideal for concerts and recitals. We offer access to piano and access to our ​powerful 2060-pipe Balcom & Vaughan organ can be arranged.

  • Plan Ahead

Space is available for one time use and on-going events and meetings. Reservations can be made up to a year in advance.

  • Modern Kitchen

Our Stocker Kitchen is ideal for all kitchen needs large and small. Our kitchen allows for onsite food preparartion with access to kitchen equipment, serve-ware and utensils.