Located in the urban core of downtown Everett, parking here at First Presbyterian Church of Everett is limited. We have two small parking lots: our north lot, beside Bill's Blueprint and our alley lot, located behind the church. Parking here at FPCE is for staff, members and member events and is available by permit only. Temporary “paper parking passes” are required, by visitors or guests, always.  A temporary parking pass may be obtained from the Church Office or the Coordinator of a meeting or event happening here at the church. Those not displaying proper parking passes may be towed, at the owner’s expense.

Time limited street parking is available in the area surrounding the church as are "pay for parking" public parking lots.

Parking passes are not required for:

 - Sunday

 - Wednesday afternoon & evening for Dinner at the Bell

 - Weddings

 - Memorials

 - Deliveries and Tradespeople (Plumbers, Electricians, etc. doing work at the Church) 

Please click HERE to view the First Presbyterian Church of Everett Parking Policy for complete details.