FPC Everett Session

The body of elders elected to govern a particular congregation is called a session. They are elected by the congregation and in one sense are representatives of the other members of the congregation. On the other hand, their primary charge is to seek to discover and represent the will of Christ as they govern. Presbyterian elders are both elected and ordained. Through ordination they are officially set apart for service. They retain their ordination beyond their term in office. Ministers who serve the congregation are also part of the session. The session is the smallest, most local governing body. [Source: Presbyterian Mission Agency]

Session is held in Calvin Lounge the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 pm with an “Open Air” time at 7:00.

Session Members:

Class of 2016 – Marne Larson, Katherine Campbell, Greg Faith

Class of 2017 – Mike Goza, Peggy Ulvestad, Joan Lyderson

Class of 2018 – Marsha  Lueth, Dottie Villesvik, David Baer-Peckham

Class of 2020: Joan Lyderson, Laura Little, George Lockeman

Moderator – Alan Dorway