Letter of Welcome from Pastor Alan

On behalf of the congregation of the First Presbyterian Church of Everett, let me be the first to welcome you! Our church is a Christ-centered family of faith seeking to live out our vision to be “God’s Beacon on the Hill” here in Everett, the Pacific Northwest, and our world. I was called here in January of 2010 and believe that the faithful members and friends of this church are indeed “radiating Christ’s love in worship, growth, and service”.

Our church is located in the historic downtown area of Everett. We are blessed to have a sanctuary that is over 100 years old where we worship every Sunday surrounded by amazing stain glass windows and a great music program. We have a ton of space for fellowship, classroom, and community activities. We are always seeking the Holy Spirit as we go out into our world in service and mission. There is room for all to be involved and to use the many gifts of our congregation in leadership within our ministries.

I am continually reminded as I serve and work alongside the wonderful members here that we are the body of Christ. We have a faithful history and continue to have adults and youth, women and men, young and old living out Jesus’ call on our lives and seeking first God’s kingdom. Every morning I am grateful to be with a community who longs to love God with our entire being and love our neighbor as ourselves as Jesus summed up the law and the prophets.

I hope that you feel connected to Christ and this community as you worship and have your life formed deeper into a disciple here. Within these directory pages are brothers and sisters in the faith, fellow families and individuals in our community. We each have unique and special gifts that the Holy Spirit is using and will use to share the good news to the world. While we may use this just for a quick informational guide, I hope that we pray for each other and the needs of the community. I hope that we use this as a tool of minis­try in care with each other. I hope that we get to know another member or friend deeper as we build Christ-like relationships with each other.

The First Presbyterian Church of Everett is a church and community who love God, radiate the love of Christ, and follow the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the gift of being called your pastor.